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How Throw Ratio Helps You Achieve the Ideal Screen Size?

By XGIMI Tech - 2022-05

Projecting a large enough display at home requires a suitable throw distance between the screen and the projector. So what determines this distance? The short answer is throw ratio. For a quick reference, the chart below provides various screen sizes with the appropriate throw distance needed to achieve them with an XGIMI projector. (Product models include HORIZON series, Halo series, MoGo series, and Elfin)

XGIMI’s long throw projectors distances & screen sizes
The screen size varies based on the throw distance

*The screen size varies based on the throw distance

AURA is XGIMI's first projector to use advanced Ultra Short Throw (UST) technology, delivering breathtaking displays of various sizes without compromising space. Place AURA 29.8cm (11.7") from any wall and enjoy 120" of razor-sharp imagery for anything you watch.

XGIMI AURA Laser TV projector distances & screen sizes
XGIMI AURA Laser TV projector distances & screen sizes

Interested in learning more about how projector throw ratios ensure a more immersive home viewing experience? Keep reading! 

What is Throw Ratio and Throw Distance?

Throw distance is the distance from the tip of the projector's lens to the screen.

Throw ratio

This distance determines where the projector will sit in your classroom relative to the projection screen. For any given projector, the width of the image (W) relative to the throw distance (D) is known as the throw ratio D/W. 

Throw ratio is the relation between the throw distance (the distance between the projector's lens and the projected image) and the width of the projected image:

Throw Ratio = Throw Distance / Image Width

The throw ratio tells us what image size we can project from a certain distance away. Let’s say you’re setting up an XGIMI projector in your living room that has a throw ratio of 1.2:1, and you’re using a screen 10ft in width. How far away should the projector be positioned from the screen? Let’s do the math and find out!

Take the width of the screen and multiply it by the first number in the throw ratio. So, screen width x throw ratio = throw distance. For the example above, it should look like this: 10ft (screen width) x 1.2 (first number in the throw ratio) = 12ft

According to this equation, if you place your projector 12ft away, the picture will perfectly fit the proportions of the screen with only minor adjustments to the lens’ zoom needed afterward.

For a quick and easy way to determine the appropriate throw distance, feel free to use this calculator provided by Projector Central:

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