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Best Long Throw Projector of 2023

By XGIMI Tech - 2023-12

New Age for Projectors

The shift from bulky projectors to portable ones for home entertainment has created the need for projectors that fit any room size. The room size influences how far away you can place the projector, hence the need to develop long-throw and short-throw projectors, enabling you to find a suitable one, no matter your room size.

A long-throw projector is specifically designed for larger rooms, but not all long-throw projectors are created equal. While there are low-quality ones, the XGIMI HORIZON Ultra is nothing short of impressive. This long-throw projector has incredible features like dual light, adjustable screen size, and state-of-the-art Dolby Vision for an immersive and unforgettable viewing experience. Let’s learn more about long-throw projectors and why the HORIZON Ultra is a great long-throw projector in 2023.

What is a Long-Throw Projector?

Long-throw projectors are designed to project images over long distances, making them suitable for large rooms. Generally speaking, they should be placed at least six feet away from the screen. Long-throw projectors can display pictures of up to 100 inches and more.

Their ability to project over farther distances makes them an excellent choice when the screen is far from the power source. Also, these projectors are more stable, allowing them to display nicely on uneven surfaces.

How to Choose a Long-Throw Projector?

Many projectors are available, and to avoid making a wrong choice or buying low-quality projectors, you must consider several crucial factors that will guide you in making the right choice:

1. Picture Quality

The picture quality is the overall quality of an image displayed. Factors like brightness, resolution, color accuracy, and contrast ratio determine the quality of an image. So, when shopping for a long-throw projector, consider those with sufficient brightness, a full HD or true 4K resolution, life-like color representation, and a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and above. Getting the specs right will ensure you get the best long-throw projector with excellent picture quality.

2. Color Accuracy

Color accuracy is how well a display device can replicate images' colors. The images projected by your long-throw projector should be as life-like as possible, enhancing your viewing experience. Long-throw projectors with high color accuracy show realistic and natural content, ensuring that the colors displayed match that of the original content, so the quality is not lost. Usually, color accuracy is mainly determined by the color gamut, the range of colors within the spectrum a display device can produce. So, the wider the color gamut, the higher the accuracy.

3. Resolution

Projector resolution determines how many pixels a projector can display per inch on a screen, horizontally and vertically. The pixel itself is the smallest unit of an image, and it determines how much detail a picture or video will contain. The higher the pixel, the higher the resolution, which means that the content your long-throw projector will display will be more crisp, detailed, and clear. You should choose the resolution based on what you intend to watch. Typically, most content is full HD, so buying a long-throw projector with full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) or a long throw projector 4k (3840 x 1080 pixels) for high-quality projection is best.

XGIMI Horizon Ultra works well with 4k technology

4. Ease of Installation

Choose long-throw projectors that are easy to install and set up. Such projectors make it easy to use your projector anywhere. Go for smart projectors, like the XGIMI HORIZON Ultra, with automated features, like auto-focus and zoom, to help you automatically align the content to the screen, eliminating manual screen adjustment.

5. Brightness

You want your projector display to be bright enough for your room, so you must consider the brightness level before choosing projectors with long-throw distances. If you intend to use it in a dark room, you will need less brightness than in an illuminated room, as ambient light affects brightness. The brightness level is usually measured in lumens, so the higher the lumens, the brighter the display. 400 to 1000 ISO lumens are satisfactory for darker rooms, while 1000 ISO lumens and more are best for brighter spaces, like classrooms and halls.

What You Can Do With a Long-Throw Projector?

You can view endless content with a long-throw projector and use it in many settings. For example:

1. Playing Games:

You can use a long-throw projector to play video games in a large room. Choosing the right long-throw projector with low latency allows you to enjoy many fantastic gaming moments with friends without worrying about unnecessary lags. Projectors enabling you to set up farther away from the screen also create room for relaxation, increasing gaming comfort.

Immersive gaming experience with XGIMI Horizon Ultra

2. A Wide Variety of Entertainment Options:

Long-throw projectors allow you to enjoy various entertainment, including movies, football, TV shows, and video games. Set up your theater room and spend days of non-stop immersive entertainment on a larger screen. Since long-throw projectors use less processing power than short-throw, you enjoy less fan noise, making your viewing moments more peaceful.

Enjoy a private home theater with XGIMI Horizon Ultra

3. Outdoor Movie Night

Outdoor movie nights are made better with long-throw projectors. Projectors with long throw distances make it possible to enjoy quality display outdoors without the risk of image distortions. It also offers a flexible screen option because the projection will remain stable and clear on a screen or the wall. Some long-throw projectors also come with loud and clear built-in speakers, creating a fantastic viewing experience for you and your loved ones on movie nights. There is no need to move heavy speakers around. Modern long-throw projectors offer all you want in a single package.

Have fun outdoors with XGIMI Horizon Ultra

Long-Throw Projector Recommendation

XGIMI’s projectors provide the best home theater experience. With a consistent focus on quality display, XGIMI remains a top-choice brand for people looking for high-quality projectors. Here is a great long-throw projector in 2023:

XGIMI’s latest state-of-the-art projector, the XGIMI HORIZON Ultra, has established a reputation is built for excellence. This new addition has unique features that make it a must-have. Below are some great features of the XGIMI HORIZON Ultra:


●Adjustable image Size from 40” to 200”

The XGIMI HORIZON Ultra offers a broad screen size option, enabling you to find a suitable size depending on the room and content. You can adjust the size of the XGIMI display from 40 to 200 inches to watch movies or play games on whatever screen size you want. With the HORIZON Ultra, you get an adjustable screen that beats your regular TV size, giving you the ultimate desired immersive experience.

●4K Resolution

If you wish for crisp and detailed images, XGIMI has got you covered with the HORIZON Ultra long throw projector 4K. This long-throw projector displays detailed photos, preserving the quality of your original content and guaranteeing high-quality entertainment for you and your family. XGIMI makes no compromises. Instead, XGIMI offers great resolution for your satisfaction.

●Dolby Vision

XGIMI’s HORIZON Ultra is the world’s first Dolby Vision-enabled long-throw projector. Dolby Vision’s cutting-edge technology brightens highlights 40 times more and enhances dark shades ten times more than the standard picture quality. With Dolby Vision, XGIMI helps you catch every detail in dark and bright scenes so every picture comes to life on your screen. Enjoy optimized display and unmatched image quality with the long-throw XGIMI HORIZON Ultra for a mesmerizing viewing experience.

Dolby Vision is one of the most useful technologies used in Horizon Ultra

●Intelligent Screen Adaption (ISA) 3.0

Compared to TVs at a similar price point, the XGIMI HORIZON Ultra offers a much larger screen, up to 200 inches, creating a cinematic experience in your home. Additionally, when compared to TVs of the same The XGIMI HORIZON Ultra takes intelligent screen adaptation notches higher with the ISA 3.0, which offers more innovative features than the ISA 2.0. XGIMI’s Intelligent Screen Adaptation technology makes it easy to use and set up your projector with intelligent screen alignment, uninterrupted auto keystone correction, and autofocus features. Intelligent eye protection and obstacle avoidance also ensure smooth and safe entertainment. screen size, it's a more budget-friendly choice.

The upgraded ISA 3.0 comes with other features like wall color adjustment, optical zoom for lossless screen scaling, variable Iris, dynamic filter, and environmental adaptability and intelligent sensing for the best picture at all times, whether day or night. Enjoy effortless viewing and set up with XGIMI’s premier projector.

●3D Compatibility

The XGIMI HORIZON Ultra is a full HD 3D projector, allowing you to get the best out of every cinematic moment when you wear XGIMI’s 3D glasses. One great advantage XGIMI offers is that you get the 3D experience and an incredible 4K resolution that takes 3D projection several notches higher for an overall unforgettable experience.

Dual Light Technology

A single light source cannot balance the image quality with watching comfort, so the XGIMI HORIZON Ultra is driven by dual light. It combines LED with laser light sources to offset the downsides of each light source, ultimately providing better results. Dual light provides ultra-high brightness (2300 ISO lumens), color accuracy, and color gamut (DCI-P3 95.5%) for the most immersive experience. It also offers a continuous spectrum, eliminating flash spots and color edges for more comfort.

XGIMI Horizon Ultra Dual Light technology is leading the world

Dual Light Technology

●Harman Kardon Speakers

HORIZON Ultra’s dual 12W Harman Kardon speakers deliver high-quality, three-dimensional surround sound. Experience clear and loud audio with the dual Harman Kardon speakers, combined with DTS Studio Sound Technology and enhanced with Dolby Audio.

●Low Input lag for Gaming (Game mode ≤ 18ms (AK off)

If you are a gamer, the HORIZON Ultra was designed to meet your needs. Lag can reduce gaming quality and performance, so going for projectors with an input lag of less than 50 milliseconds is crucial. The HORIZON Ultra has an exceptionally low lag time of less than 18ms when in game mode, providing a full-blown gaming experience for hardcore gamers.

Product Recommendations


HORIZON Ultra, the world's first 4K long-throw home projector with Dolby Vision. 2300 ISO lumens, Dual Light Technology, Dual 12W Harman Kardon Speakers.



  • 4K with Dolby Vision
  • 2300 ISO Lumens
  • Dual Light Technology
  • Intelligent Screen Adaption 3.0
  • Dual 12W Harman Kardon Speakers
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