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What Is XGIMI's Dual Light Technology?

By XGIMI Tech - 2023-09 

Introducing Dual Light Technology

XGIMI is a brand that boasts excellence and innovation, always looking for ways to enhance the experience created for millions of users. This has led to the birth of the XGIMI Dual Light technology, combining both LED and Laser light sources to provide stellar image quality without straining the eyes. Now, you can enjoy viewing sharp, crisp images without discomfort. In this article, you’ll learn why Dual Light Technology is what you need to take your audio-visual experience to the next level.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Current Light Source Technologies?

1. Tri-Color Laser
The tri-color laser offers impressive color depth and brightness, but watching for long hours is uncomfortable. This means that you get a clear visual, which may cause some strain on the eyes, sabotaging your fun experience and perhaps ending your movie or game night earlier than expected.

2. Monochromatic Laser
 With the monochromatic laser, you get high brightness and reasonable comfort, but it produces poor color. You won’t appreciate the color details of images, games, or movie scenes, which detracts from your viewing experience. A bright view wouldn’t be all that appealing without sharp, popping colors.

3. Panchromatic LED
The panchromatic LED provides decent color but insufficient brightness. Low brightness means your view appears slightly darker than optimal in various environments. You may not be able to enjoy media content under varying lighting conditions, and that restricts how and when you can use your portable projector.

XGIMI HORIZON Ultra's Dual Light Technology

Rather than using either a laser or LED projector, you can choose a product with both via Dual Light Technology. The XGIMI HORIZON Ultra combines LED and laser light sources to provide the best possible view.

1. Laser
The laser light source offers an ultra-wide color gamut and ultra-high brightness to ensure a sharp view of any media content. An LED projector is designed to give viewers a watching experience that’s easy on the eyes. Combined with laser light sources, users get optimal brightness and color depth with the sharpest visual quality.

2. LED
The LED light source ensures that your eyes don’t suffer strain when watching the natural spectrum for a long time. The LED plus laser light technology offers the perfect blend of a stellar view and eye comfort.

What Are the Advantages of Dual Light Technology?

1. Ultra-High Brightness
The XGIMI HORIZON Ultra delivers a brightness of 2300 ISO lumens, ensuring a cinematic and immersive visual experience that allows you to observe more details on your screen regardless of the color shade, scene, and image type displayed.

2. Ultra-High Color Accuracy
HORIZON Ultra provides its users with an ultra-wide color gamut. It boasts a DCI-P3 95.5% and a BT709 99.9% color gamut coverage. The projector also uses ultra-accurate colorimetry with mass Production△E<1, unit-by-unit calibration, and Double Certification from SGS and TÜV Süd. These features allow you to get a rich and wide range of colors on your screen. This makes HORIZON Ultra an excellent product for home entertainment, including playing games, watching movies, or just sliding through a digital album of old pictures that trigger nostalgia.

3. Ultra-High Comfort
HORIZON Ultra’s laser plus LED combination provides a comfortable view fueled by a continuous natural color spectrum. A tri-laser projector may produce color edges or color ghosting at the edge of an image, causing viewers to suffer fatigue or dizziness from a prolonged view. Tri-laser projectors also allow flash spots like tiny flying insects, with the view acting as a veil. HORIZON Ultra’s Dual Light technology gives you a clear view without flash spots, color edges, or ghosting.

Enjoy an immersive cinematic viewing experience without stressing your eyes. The Dual Light Technology meets all the standards you need to enjoy home entertainment with no eye strain. If you desire high viewing comfort alongside exquisite projector features, invest in the XGIMI HORIZON Ultra.

HORIZON Ultra: Continuous spectrum

xgimi HORIZON Ultra: Continuous spectrum

Tri-Laser Projector: Discontinuous spectrum

Discontinuous spectrum of Tri-Laser Projector

-Flash spots

 HORIZON Ultra: No Flash spots

Tri-Laser Projector: Flash spots

xgimi horizon ultra has no flash spot

-Severe color edge

HORIZON Ultra: No color edge

Tri-Laser Projector: Severe color edge

xgimi horizon ultra has no color edge

Final Takeaway

The XGIMI Dual Light Technology is the latest innovation primarily designed for the customer’s viewing pleasure and comfort. Laser projectors offer excellent picture quality, and LED projectors provide comfort for their users. However, the Dual Light Technology ensures you get the best of both worlds in HORIZON Ultra’s single, sleek design. This new technology promises to take your home cinematic experience to another level.

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