MoGo Pro





MoGo Pro - 1080p pico mini projector - silver - side
MoGo Pro - 1080p pico projector - silver - front
MoGo Pro - 1080p pico projector - silver - back
MoGo Pro - 1080p pico projector - silver - lateral side
MoGo Pro - 1080p pico projector - Award Winning Design
MoGo Pro - 1080p pico projector - Android TV™ OS Built-in
MoGo Pro - 1080p pico projector - portable mini convenient
MoGo Pro - 1080p pico mini projector -  suitable for families with children
MoGo Pro - 1080p pico mini projector - silver - side
MoGo Pro
MoGo Pro - 1080p pico projector - silver - front
MoGo Pro - 1080p pico projector - silver - back
MoGo Pro - 1080p pico projector - silver - lateral side
MoGo Pro - 1080p pico projector - Award Winning Design
MoGo Pro - 1080p pico projector - Android TV™ OS Built-in
MoGo Pro - 1080p pico projector - portable mini convenient
MoGo Pro - 1080p pico mini projector -  suitable for families with children
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MoGo Pro

  • True Cinematic Projection: MoGo Pro is packed with 1080p FHD and 300 ANSI lumens, delivering stunning clarity on a 120” screen.
  • Android TV™ OS: Easily access 5000+ apps from YouTube to Disney+ for a world of immersive entertainment.
  • Premium Harman Kardon Sound: Two 3W built-in speakers deliver booming sound for your movies, shows, and music via Bluetooth connection.
  • Automatic Vertical Keystone Correction: Autofocus and 40° Auto Vertical Keystone Correction ensure a perfectly crisp display from almost any angle.
  • Chromecast Built-in: Cast all your favorite Android/Apple smartphone content and more directly to MoGo Pro.
  • Google Assistant: Open apps, search for music, or dim the lights easily and instantly with simple commands.
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Movies on the Go

Award Winning Design

XGIMI is devoted to providing innovative products with outstanding quality and great value, we won 28 international awards in 6 years. Our efforts were highly recognized by industry and millions of users.

*XGIMI products have been recognized by the above awards

MoGo Anywhere

The world's first 1080p Android TV™ Portable Projector with built-in Harman/Kardon dual speakers and high capacity battery. Entertainment wherever you are.

Now in True 1080P

XGIMI’s DLP technology enables the MoGo Pro to provide a sharp, crisp image with a native 1080p FHD picture quality. MoGo Pro also supports video formats up to 4K Ultra HD, allowing you to cast all your favorite content onto a high-quality display.

Unrivaled Image Quality

XGIMI MoGo Pro projects way more colorful, brighter and sharper images comparing to other 150 ANSI or 200 ANSI portable projectors in the market.1

Delight Your Ears

The MoGo Pro is powered by Harman-Kardon, offering fantastic sound quality with its advanced dual 3-Watt speaker units. The sound is professionally tuned using Gold Ear Philosophy, meaning the MoGo Pro's speaker is well balanced and perfect for any kind of music. You can also connect to the MoGo Pro via Bluetooth or 3.5mm Audio Cable and use it as an external Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to enjoy up to 300 songs on a single charge.

Light up Your Journey

Unlike other pico projectors that feature low luminance power and offer a dim and grainy image, XGIMI MoGo Pro offers 300 ANSI Lumen power — delivering cinematic images with stunning clarity.1

Redefine Screen Size

With the XGIMI MoGo Pro, you can enjoy your own private cinema with great sound and an amazing 40” - 200” Big Screen.2 Just put your feet up, sit back and enjoy the perfect movie-going experience.

Non-stop Entertainment

MoGo Pro works with the Google Play Store for Android TV™. Whatever you're into, from Showtime to YouTube to tons of games, there are innumerable apps to find and fall in love with. With 5000+ native apps, Android TV™ opens the door to a world of entertainment for you.3

Game on, I'm in!

Quick access to a vast universe of Android games, including Final Fantasy, Minions, NBA JAM and more. Immerse yourself in big-screen gaming anywhere you want in the home, at the beach or even when setting up a fun outdoor gaming space say, for example, for the kids during a BBQ (compatible with Switch, PlayStation and Xbox).

Easy Share

Direct casting of your favorite entertainment apps, movies & TV shows, music, games, sports and more from your Android or iOS device, Mac, Windows computer or Chromebook to the MoGo Pro.

How Can I Help You?

Just press the mic button on your remote and say "Hey Google" to quickly find the latest blockbusters, check the score of the big game or dim the lights — all without leaving your seat or switching from what you are already watching.

Angles Never Bother You

Just put MoGo Pro at any angle, the patented Smart keystone correction will adjust the projected screen up to ±40 degrees both vertically and horizontally to give you the best viewing experience.4

*Auto keystone correction is only for vertical adjustment. For horizontal adjustment, please use your XGIMI remote control.

Never Fuzzy

The MoGo Pro’s Instant 10000+ points autofocus function will automatically adjust the focus within seconds! With this function, you will never again have to worry about your video getting out of focus.

Multiple Screen Sizes to Fit Your Needs

Achieving the best viewing experience outdoors can be a tedious task. However, MoGo Pro makes it incredibly easy! Thanks to a 1.2:1 throw ratio, you have the freedom to choose the screen size (60''-120”) that is suitable for your viewing needs. MoGo Pro ensures you do more watching than adjusting.5

High-capacity Battery

The built-in large capacity battery ensures the excellent portability. Users can watch 2.5-hour video (subject to actual usage) or listen to 4.5-hour of music on a one-time charge.6

Universe Connectivity

Smooth and Stable

The MoGo Pro boasts the brand new Amlogic T950X2 TV chip and MaliG31 GPU with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM - providing the advanced image quality and more intelligent and faster automatic focus adjustment. The speed of the new high-performance processor will blow you away!7

Ultra Long Lifespan

The MoGo Pro utilizes a highly efficient LED light source, allowing its projections to stay perfectly crisp, clear and bright for its entire LED lifespan of 30,000 hours. You could watch 4 hours per day for the next 20 years.8

Getting Started with Your XGIMI Projector

  • Setting Up Your XGIMI Projector
  • Using Your XGIMI Remote Controller
  • Installing Software Onto Your XGIMI Projector
  • Casting Media Sources to Your XGIMI Projector
  • Connecting External Devices to Your Projector
  • Using Bluetooth to Link Your Audio Devices
  • Using the 3D Feature on Your XGIMI Projector
  • Updating Projector Firmware & Switching HDMI Versions 


Product Classification

Portable Projector

Standard Resolution

1920 x 1080 pixels

Display Technique


Lamp Life

30000 Hours8

Display Chip

0.23” DMD


High Light Transmission Coated Lens


300 ANSI Lumens1


Yes, Frame Packing & Side by Side


Throw Ratio5


Image Size

40” - 200”2

Auto Focus


Projection Method

Front, Rear, Front Ceiling, Rear Ceiling

Auto Keystone Correction4

Auto Vertical



2 x 3W Harman/Kardon

Dolby Audio


Dolby Digital (DD)


Dolby Digital Plus (DD+)





Mirroring Dispaly

Chromecast built-in/Airscreen




Android TV™3


Input Ports

DC x 1 

HDMI (ARC Supported) x 1

USB x 1


Dual-band 2.4/5GHz, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac9

Output Port

Headphone x 1 (3.5mm)


Bluetooth 4.2/5.0




< 30dB10

AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

Power Dissipation

Battery Capacity




Product Size (H x W x D)

Product Weight

146 × 105.5 × 94.5 mm11


What's in the Box

Power Plug

Warranty Card

x 1

x 1

Bluetooth Remote Control


x 1

x 1



Product Classsfication:Portable Projector

Display Technique:DLP

Display Chip:0.23” DMD

Brightness: 300 ANSI Lumens1

Standard Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels

Lamp Life: 30000 Hours8

Lens: High Light Transmission Coated Lens

3D: Yes, Frame Packing & Side by Side


Throm Ratio5:1.2 : 1

Auto Focus: Yes

Auto Keystone Correction4: Auto Vertical

Projection Method: Front, Rear, Front Ceiling, Rear Ceiling

Image Size: 40” - 200”2


Speaker: 2 x 3W Harman/Kardon

Dolby Audio: Yes

Dolby Digital (DD): Yes

Dolby Digital Plus (DD+): Yes



Storage: 16GB7

System: Android TV™3

Mirroring Display: Chromecast built-in/Airscreen


Input Ports: DC x 1, HDMI (ARC Supported) x 1, USB x 1

Output Ports: Headphone x 1 (3.5mm)

WiFi: Dual-band 2.4/5GHz, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac9

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2/5.0


Noise: <30dB10

Power Dissipation: 55W

Power: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

Battery Capacity: 44.64Wh6


Product Size (H x W x D): 146 × 105.5 × 94.5 mm11

Product Weight: 0.9kg12

What's in the Box

Power Plug: x1

Warranty Card: x1

Bluetooth Remote Control: x1

Manual: x1

1. Product brightness values and marks are generated by the XGIMI laboratories and enterprise. For relevant XGIMI laboratory standards, refer to:
2. For the best viewing experience, we recommend using a projection size of 60-120 inches. Exceeding this range may affect the quality of your projected content. The display quality may vary based on product usage habits and environmental conditions.
3. Android TV is a trademark of Google LLC.
4. To ensure calibration is accurately performed, it is recommended that the side throw angle does not exceed 40° (degrees). The display quality may vary based on product usage habits and environmental conditions.
5. The throw distances above are estimations and may differ in actual usage scenarios. Adjustments required are based on your specific living space dimensions and conditions.
6. Built-in battery life is subject to environmental conditions, configurations, and user habits.
7. The actual storage capacity is subject to change based on various factors, such as system usage, software version, and settings used.
8. 30,000 hours is the theoretical lifespan of the light source. The actual lifespan may vary due to differences in environmental conditions, product usage, and the mode selected.
9. Router required.
10. Measured under an ambient temperature of 25°C with a 1-meter distance from the machine. Results may vary based on different testing environments, conditions, and the product being evaluated. This data comes from XGIMI laboratories.
11. The actual size may vary based on configuration, manufacturing, and testing method.
12. The actual weight may vary based on configuration, manufacturing process, and testing method.

* Actual product features and specifications (including appearance, color, and size) and actual display aspects (including backgrounds, interface, and icons) may vary by country. Please consult the point of sale for further information.
* All performance data in the preceding pages are theoretical values obtained by XGIMI internal laboratories through tests conducted under particular conditions. Refer to the aforementioned product details for more information on the specific testing conditions. Actual performance may vary based on individual product configuration, software versions, application conditions, and environmental factors. All data is subject to actual usage.
* XGIMI makes every effort at the time of publication to ensure the accuracy of product information it provides. Due to subsequent changes involving product batches, production, and supply factors, it may be necessary for XGIMI to make changes and adjustments to text and images so that they match the performance, specifications, indexes, and components of the actual product. Product information is subject to such changes and adjustments without notice.
* Operating temperature: 32°F to 104°F
* All parameters listed on this page are measured in an XGIMI internal test environment for mass production. User experiences may vary in different settings, usage conditions, software versions, etc. Please check the official XGIMI website for detailed test standards and data.
* The product will be attached with a printed manual. However, the electronic manual will be updated on the XGIMI website. If there is any discrepancy or conflict between the printed and the electronic manual, please refer to the latest electronic manual on the official website:

Customer Reviews

Based on 202 reviews
Convenient & Compact

Really like the format - great sound quality & picture.
I am intending to use it in my Van - while camping!

Krishnan Thiyagarajan
Good for the price paid

We all enjoyed it. Netflix installing is bit hard

Incredible little device packs a punch

Purchased during Black Friday and have been fully impressed by the clarity of the display, ease of set-up and overall portability of the device. The picture quality when projected in a basement is perfect HD at 1080p and watching sports at that size is wonderful. The Android TV interface is easy to use and very intuitive. While the native Netflix app doesn't work on the device, we easily used the service with a Chromecast so it was really a non-issue. Overall, very happy with the purchase and would recommend to anyone looking for the perfect portable projector!

Danny Gallegos

MoGo Pro

The best

This projector is a perfect portable size to take anywhere. The battery lasts about 1-2 hours which is fine, we leave it plugged in all the time since we use it outside on the patio near an outlet. I've tried it inside on a sunny day with blinds closed and I can still see the picture, though not perfect, but didn't expect it to be. Great device!

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